When I first started, pictures were for me just mementos of places I had been to or memories I wanted to share with friends, such as exotic destinations, natural wonders or a world heritage site that I had particularly liked.

I have been a mountain guide for 25 years. I travel around the Eastern Pyrenees where I live as well as Spain and the surrounding provinces. My job gives me the opportunity to explore a great variety of landscapes and places. In addition, I have been many times to Southeast Asia, and spent several months in most countries of that area, all of them quite inspirational.

It is no wonder I have gone from mountain guiding to photography, it happened quite naturally. As of late, I have decided to focus on art, and to start a photography business.

Nature is what inspires me. I try to capture the fleeting light at the break of dawn or just before dusk, the colors of fall or the first call of spring, a bird flying over a lake or the glimpse of a wild animal. These ephemeral moments are not easy to capture on camera, and it is pure magic when I can get the “perfect” shot. I am also interested in architecture and street photography, and always on the lookout for the odd or funny detail which makes great pictures.

I have started to sell my pictures at art and craft fairs, and exhibitions, and hope more people will be interested in my work in the coming months.