Macrame & Yoga Accessories

Unconventional is just the type of home I like! I design home decor articles, and yoga and meditation accessories in limited series or as one-off pieces. I was trained as an upholsterer, and worked in that field for a number of years.

I found that the job consists more in following traditions than in finding new approaches, so I decided to switch gears and do something more creative while using the techniques I had mastered.

I worked for a while in my own tiny designer’s boutique in the city of Caen in Normandy where I built a whole new world of home decor around cozy armchairs: piles of cushions, exotic lamps, etc., using scraps of upholstery fabric.

Today l work on a smaller scale, and I also teach yoga part time. Most of my collections include meditation and yoga-oriented products. For my macrame, I mainly use French cords, and for my cushions and yoga accessories I favor Oeko-Tex materials.