Christine TATILON

Product Design and Illustrations

At the crossroad of Art & Function: As an illustrator and designer I think more of my fabrics as canvases and my objects as sculptures. Looking at everyday objects differently, my creations are meant to put a little touch of art and whimsy in your home. Art that you can touch, art that you can play around with and that has a function. Objects that have visual and tactile appeal, and are useful, well made and durable. Those are the home decor accessories I enjoy, and want you to enjoy as well.

Up to now I have made table runner that can also be used as wall hangings, cushions with an “extra something” to make them interesting and versatile. 2020 brought us hard times but also new opportunities and challenges.

This is the chance to explore new grounds and to reinvent my work. It reinforced my already very strong belief that sustainability is the right path to take. That is why I focus on one of a kind, small quantities and limited-edition products in order to give you the experience of uniqueness just like an art piece would.